CRSV Podcast – Ep. 9 Dr. Jamie J. Hagen, September 2022

The CRSV Observatory documents cases where sexual violence has been deliberately and systemically deployed to target particular sections of society against backgrounds of violent conflict.

Opinion Peace podcast, August 2020

Re-Imagining Peace & Security from the Perspective of Queer & Trans Communities

Kings College London, War Studies Podcast, Women, Peace and Security: The Privatisation of War, November 2020

In the second episode of our three-part series celebrating 20 years of Women, Peace and Security (WPS), we look at the escalating threat that private companies, hired to provide military and security services, pose to the rights of women and minorities in conflict settings.

Queering through Collaboration: Connecting LGBTQ and WPS Networks Lecture, February 2020

This event is part of the Ulster University Transitional Justice Institute WPS@20 seminar series to mark the upcoming 20th anniversary of the adoption the Resolution 1325 on Women, Peace and Security by the United Nations Security Council.

Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity as Part of the WPS Project, Panel, May 2019

This panel provides an opportunity to consider the inclusion and collaboration with LGBTQ individuals in the WPS agenda in conversation with Henri Myrtinnen, Jamie J. Hagen and Nour Abu-Assab, chaired by Marsha Henry.